Kindness Poem

Needham Poem Final

This is my first audio editing project.  My process for this project went rather smoothly.  I began by having my classmate record me reciting the poem, and I recorded her.  The entire class uploaded their recordings to Moodle and I proceeded to download those onto my hard drive.  Everything on my hard drive had a specific folder which allowed for easy access.  I proceeded to insert a line from each student into Premiere and strung them together to form the entire kindness poem.  I adjusted all of the audio levels and had to copy some audio from the left onto the right and make it louder with a single band compressor.  I then downloaded music from FirstCom Music.  I used Pro Sound Effects to download sound effects and ambient music.  I adjusted those audio levels to be softer and then I added a title page created on Photoshop.


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