Fiction Film Critique

The fiction film i watched was a physiological thriller titled “Zodiac.”  This movie was about a serial killer in California who went around killing innocent people and left clues for the police and the press along the way.  The killer called himself the Zodiac killer and taunted the police with calls and personal letters.  The investigation goes on for a few years

There were a few parts of the movie that I thought lighting really added to the believability of the film.  One of them was during a birds eye view of the streets.  The camera was following a car and you could see the headlights on the cars and the lights from passing by buildings and lit up signs.  Another was on the house boat of Paul Avery’s house.  The light was seeping through the wholes in the window shades and casting shadows and sun rays onto the actors.


A lot of the outdoor scenes happened at night and there was lighting to make it seem as if overhead light posts were shining down.  The night scenes shot inside made it actually seem like night because there was dark shadows and it seemed like the only light source was coming from a lamp.  In the office scenes there are bright florescent lights to capture the cubicle office room of the 70s.


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