Fiction Film

Creating a fiction film was a lot of fun for me.  I took the story line from a musical theatre solo that I performed in class and used it for the silent film.  It was interesting seeing the same story, told differently from live performance to film.

Something I really liked about our film was the lighting for the indoor scene.  I am not the best with lighting but hearing my partner think of all these ideas for lighting made me think of it in a completely different way.  Instead of just having lighting be there to set the mood and be a stagnate component, we used lights to signify the shutting of blinds and the turning on of the phone.   Something with lights that could have been better was the outdoor lighting.  The footage was very overexposed and it was hard to color correct it to look natural in post.

What was cool about this project was that we each defined our roles more clearly.  Because our different schedules some would shoot and others would edit different scenes.  I was able to be on set for the indoor scene.  I realized that the part I like best in making films is staging the actor and setting the scene of the room.  I also like to set up the camera and make sure everything is at its proper levels because I get annoyed when there is an overwhelming amount of color correcting and out of focus in a film.  I do not like doing lighting because it is not something that clicks as easily with me.  Something that is really nice about silent films is that you can direct the actress as you are shooting because there is no sound.

I edited the second half of the film.  While I enjoy editing, I do not enjoy editing when I was not there to film.  I had no control over how much footage was handed to me or if the visuals were what I would have wanted.   I do like pasting the footage together and watching the story come to life.  My favorite part to edit was when the actress was walking down the hall and runs into someone and you see them walking from both perspectives.  I also liked playing with fast and slow motion in the video because it added to the comical aspect of the film.

After filming our first fiction film it confirmed my feelings that fiction is my favorite type of film.  I loved working with an actress and being able to tell a story through the acting, lighting, cinematography, location and sound.  I am glad that we worked on fiction without dialogue first because I think adding dialogue is going to be very stressful.


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