Final Project

The final project is something I truly enjoyed working on.  I think I finally realized what I like and don’t like in the film project.  My favorite part was being the artistic director on set.  I researched dance films and decided what type of film we would be making.  From there our team developed a story line.  I was able to make a lot of the creative decisions since I was the one most familiar with dance.  I picked the location, costumes to match the color scheme, choreographed the dance, as well as blocked the dancers around the space.  This was my favorite part of the process and I can absolutely see myself choreographing more dance films in the future.  I think this class really helped me see the cinematic side short films, and allowed me to choreograph with that in mind.

For this project Connor was the DP and the one actually handling the camera.  We all contributed shot ideas but he was the one maneuvering the camera.  In the future I would like to be the one holding the camera, just on projects of my own.  That way I can get more experience and see if that is something I can pursue for filming other short student projects.


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