These are three photoshop collages I created.  All three are centered around different visual and conceptual themes.

The first collage is centered around movement within dance and the body.  I wanted to keep the colors simple and muted to focus on the texture within the collage. I separated the top and bottom half of the page to distinctly show different textures in the images, but at the same time each side bleeds over into the other.

The dog collage was a fun collage to make because of my love for dogs.  I played with the grouping of the dogs in the upper right corner to create the idea of a pack. The dogs at the bottom are grouped together to show dimension.  And the dog leaping in the middle of the page acts as a center of focus bringing all the images together.

The third collage I made was about the ocean.  I edited all of the animals to be saturated or have a transparent effect to create the image of seeing a fish in the distance in the ocean.  I then inserted a scuba diver in full focus to be the main focal point.