Stop Motion – Project 1

Stop Motion Video

For this project I wanted the sound design to be the same aesthetic as the stop motion film I watched for assignment 1.  I found these wooden cars and immediately I knew I wanted the cars to be the characters, like in the movie Cars.  So I put sticker eyes on the cars and had them be the main characters.  However, like in the animated stop motion film I watched, I did not want the characters to talk.  I wanted the challenge of creating this story that people could understand without having any dialogue between the characters.  The story happened within the movement accompanied by a sound effect.  There is one section where I needed a car to mimic the sound of a voice.  I thought how I could accomplish this without using actual words and immediately I thought of Charlie Brown, when the parents are mumbling and the audience can never hear what they are saying.  So I found on Pro Sound Effects a mumbling sound to mimic the sound of a voice.  Other sound effects were rather easy to find.  I used a lot of car sounds such as car passing by, screeching tires, car crash, and honking of horns. I was conscious about what sound of car on Pro Sound effects I was matching with the car in the video. For instance the smaller cars would have a higher pitched horn and the truck would have a deep semi horn. I also added stop motion in the words in my PSA. Originally I did not intend for those to have accompanying sounds but the video seemed dull without. So I added bubbles to each frame when a letter was added onto the word. I also had some crumbling of the letters and taking away of the letters and chose different sounds to accompany those different actions. I used crumpling of paper and a typewriter to add auditory effects. I also made sure every time there was a scene with cars that I had an complementary ambient noise so that it would give off a real life feeling. Matching the tire breaks on the stop motion with the audio was a challenge because at times my stop motion was jerky and it was hard to see when the car actually braked, and when the other car should honk at it. My biggest problem in this project was not saving my audio to my hard drive. So, when I went back to edit my project all the audio was undiscoverable and I had to download each little sound effect and track which was very tedious


Animated Film Critique

The Itching, a short film by Dianne Bellino and Adam Davies, is a 14-minute stop motion film. The film uses clay to portray the characters and set. The characters are animals so they don’t speak in the film and therefore there is no dialogue or voice over. The characters in the film communicate through their actions and the added sound effects & music suggest the tone of the interaction, actions and environment. Because this film was created using only sound effects and music, they did so in extreme detail and made sure every movement had an accompanying sound.

The film began with the main character walking through the woods and with ambient forest sounds. When the scene cut to inside the party and the characters turning on music, diegetic club music then entered the soundtrack. I was intrigued by some of the sound choices they made, where I myself may not have thought to put a sound effect there. Some of these noises include shuffling inside a purse, wind chimes in the background noise of a house, and fingers tapping paper. The sound effects were also true to the actions of the characters. The main character scratches his leg throughout the movie, but there is a change when he scratches with mittens on. This is a distinctively different sound then the first and was recorded as such.

I noticed two types of sound within the film: sounds accompanying actions on screen and sounds not in frame that implied a certain occurrence. The visible sounds are obvious such as walking and seeing feet, clinking and seeing the cheers, and phone ringing while the phone vibrates. Other sounds that imply actions off screen include someone walking out of frame getting audibly further away, shuffling through items, and waking back into frame with the item they just picked up. Because of the noise, the audience knows that the character retrieved the object in the room, it didn’t just magically appear. The sound mixer also took into account the point of view of the audience. Sounds were correctly aligned with the footage to match how far or close the character was from the camera. To keep unity within the film the sound for the most part always had the ambient forest noise in the background. Specifically in the party scene they kept some of the outside ambient noises in the background along with the club music and other club noises like walking and clinking drinks.

The music that overlaid the video enhanced the actions and emotions that the director wanted to relay to the audience. There was diegetic and non-diegetic music throughout the film. The non-diegetic music was so meticulously placed that I didn’t even notice when it would change. I was so caught up in the story that I had to go back to just listen to the music choice and transition. The music was all instrumental and complimented the scene. I also noticed the transitions were smooth because they used L and J cuts between scenes to make it less choppy.

In conclusion I thought the film used sound effects, music, actions and framing to connect with the audience effectively with the challenge of not having dialogue. I would recommend this film to someone because it was a short film and entertained me the entire time. The lack of dialogue allows the audience members to decipher for themselves what the meaning behind the story is and leaves you reflecting on the message.

Kindness Poem

Needham Poem Final

This is my first audio editing project.  My process for this project went rather smoothly.  I began by having my classmate record me reciting the poem, and I recorded her.  The entire class uploaded their recordings to Moodle and I proceeded to download those onto my hard drive.  Everything on my hard drive had a specific folder which allowed for easy access.  I proceeded to insert a line from each student into Premiere and strung them together to form the entire kindness poem.  I adjusted all of the audio levels and had to copy some audio from the left onto the right and make it louder with a single band compressor.  I then downloaded music from FirstCom Music.  I used Pro Sound Effects to download sound effects and ambient music.  I adjusted those audio levels to be softer and then I added a title page created on Photoshop.